Julia J Rucklidge, PhD is a Professor of Clinical Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. Her research in nutrition addresses mental illness in children despite conventional treatments for their conditions.

Drew Ramsey is one of psychiatry's leading proponents of dietary changes to optimise mood, improve brain function and mental health.

Conventional wisdom says you need to eat carbohydrates to exercise. As many know, that's not true. But how low-carb can you go -- and are there even benefits from eating an extremely low carbohydrate diet? Peter Attia is a medical doctor and an endurance athlete.

Kenneth Bock discusses how dietary changes can significantlyimprove symptoms of Autism and in some cases the improvements are such that they can lose the diagnosis.

Isma Jamil from Amen Clinics in Washington, DC (USA) describes the innovative therapy combination of QEEG and Neurofeedback (Neurotherapy), and why it may be an option for you if you're struggling with mental health issues.
Neurotherapy (also called Neurofeedback or EEG Biofeedback) is an Applied Neuroscience technique to train or "retrain" the brain to function more optimally. It is done simply by pushing the brain to learn a pattern of brain electrical activity associated with normal or optimal function. Through… more
“My Kid is Not Crazy,” tracks the journey of six children and their families as they become tangled in the nightmare of a medical system heavily influenced by Psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry. Here it’s common for a caregiver to prescribe a young child with an antidepressant, yet hesitate… more
Dr. Elizabeth Spaar and Tim Sorel, author of "my kid is not Crazy", stop by to talk about PANDAS and a new documentary that is shedding light on the disorder.
This the story of Cameron Puckett and his family, and the trauma that they all experienced as a result of an autoimmune disease that strikes overnight and changes personality for the worse, and to a degree that is hard to imagine by anyone who has not been affected or who has witnessed someone… more
The Cunningham Panel is a series of tests which assist physicians in diagnosing treatable autoimmune neurologic conditions, such as PANDAS and PANS. Patients with these autoimmune disorders are often misdiagnosed as having a psychiatric illness.

Dr. James Adams discusses the results of  the most recent 12-month study conducted at Arizona State University investigating the efficacy of nutritional interventions for autism.

In this ACA story, a family relates how they found help and urge that parents should get all the help available to them to treat their child with Autism. Nutritional intervention is highlighted as being a turning point for their child, who until then struggled with ongoing daily tantrums.
Dr. Martha Herbert, Paediatric Neurologist at Harvard explains that autism is "not a life sentence" and that "The brain is not malformed, it is irritated, and diet is big." Appearing on Fox & Friends, Monday April 2, 2012. Dr Herbert resonates with our own research and clinical work at the… more
 Paediatrician Sanford Newmark, from California, explains that he treats children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders, such as ASD and ADHD using the most natural and safe methods possible. He advocates investigating and treating the underlying causes of these diseases, rather than just using a… more
The rise in Autism is a slow-motion catastrophe. From 1 in 25000 in the 1950s, to one in 7000 in 1970, to 1 in 33 in 2018. The prevalence is on target to being 1 in 5 by 2030 and all indications are that it will continue to rise. Treatment options should address the root causes, not just the… more
Chris's parents describe how Neurotherapy changed their child's ADHD behaviours and enabled him to focus at school and attend to his homework and daily activities. As well as being a well researched treatment for ADHD, Neurotherapy is known for its performance improvement capabilities.
Daniel Amen is without doubt a leader in Neurpopsychiatric imaging. One of the psychiatrists who uses brain imaging (Neurophysiology) to determine what is likely to be the best medication or tretment to prescribe for a patient's presenting problems.

This is the official trailer for the feature length documentary film 'Food Matters'. A collection of interviews with leading Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Scientists, M.D.'s and Medical Journalists.

The biological underpinnings of dementia start decades before the early symptoms emerge. Dementia can be prevented through regular exercise, nutrient dense foods grown in volcanic soils and rich in antioxidants such as cruciferous vegetables and lots of fatty fish and fat soluble anti-oxidants… more