Nutrition for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. James Adams discusses the results of  the most recent 12-month study conducted at Arizona State University investigating the efficacy of nutritional interventions for autism. RESULTS indicated that over a 12-month period of the study, children with autism who received nutritional intervention gained 20 months of development, while the group that did NOT get the nutritional intervention gained only 4 months of development. Intervention comprised: Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Essential Fatty Acids (fish oil), a Healthy casein and gluten free diet, Digestive Enzymes, Carnitine, and Epsom salt baths. According to Dr. Adams, this intervention is "a very appropriate nutritional biochemistry," especially since there is good evidence that "children with autism need increased amounts of certain nutrients". The study indicates that children who followed the dietary and nutritional supplement intervention improved five times more than those who only received conventional treatment alone.