Everything You Need to Know About the Importance of Nutrition

From the moment that a human egg is fertilised, interactions between DNA and nutrients, supplied through the placenta, interact to make substances that make more cells or carry out functions in the developing embryo. These interactions occur throughout our lifespan to maintain our health.

Barring accidents, things can go wrong when one of three things occur:

  1. There are mutations in our genes, often called ‘genetic predispositions’ that mean that a mutated gene cannot carry out its function properly.
  2. There are inadequate nutrients, which means genes cannot carry out their functions.
  3. There are environmental toxins that damage cells or block the interactions between genes and nutrients.
  • Your brain never switches off. In fact, your brain is working and consuming energy even when you are asleep. Your brain regulates your breathing, heartbeat, senses, thoughts, and movements.