Daniel Amen Ted talk

Daniel Amen is without doubt a leader in Neuropsychiatric imaging. One of the few Psychiatrists who uses brain imaging (Neurophysiology) to determine what is likely to be the best medication or treatment to prescribe for a patient's presenting problems.

At Amen clinics QEEG is used routinely 

QEEG measures the electrical activity in the form of brainwave patterns, which helps the neurophysiologist how brain cells are communicating and helps to target an appropriate treatment plan. This may be medication, nutrients or Neurofeedback. QEEG can help:

  • Identify psychological, cognitive or psychiatric problems
  • To demonstrate the need for performance enhancement. 
  • Predict how you are likely to respond to some psychiatric medications
  • Track how your treatment is progressing 
  • Provide objective empirical information to determine the best neurofeedback program to optimise your brain function.

The Behavioual Neurotherapy Clinic uses the same techniques.