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with Dr. Jacques Duff are welcomed via SKYPE or Telephone.
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Please note that international appointments need to be pre-paid at time of booking.

Autism ADHD Foundation

We recommend visiting the website of the Australian Autism ADHD Foundation. There's great information on the most common causes of ADHD and Autism. Joining as a member will support the research, advocacy and educational program of the foundation. Donations are tax deductible.

Pay per view Videos and webinars

Acid-Base Balance and Health

Acid–base homeostasis is concerned with the balance between organic acids and base minerals (e.g. sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium) to tightly regulate arterial blood pH between 7.38 and 7.42. Pre agricultural diets were mostly alkaline producing, while our modern diet is very acid producing. Consequently the base minerals from our modern diet are used for buffering organic acids, and are less available for biochemistry, leading to increasing the propensity towards a range of modern diseases.

This webinar presents the scientific evidence for the adverse effect of our modern diet on acid-base balance. The processes that lead to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and modern diseases, such as cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis and gout are discussed. Information is presented that will allow health professionals to be effective at addressing some of these dysfunctional processes and promote optimum physical and mental health.

Presented by Dr. Jacques Duff
Duration 1hour 21 minutes

Price: $25.00

Teaching Children with Autism New Skills

This webinar is aimed at educating parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists and health professionals involved in teaching children in general, and those with ASD in particular. It provides a solid grounding in Learning Theory and is littered with videos of therapists demonstrating specific techniques to teach children with Autism new skills. The techniques discussed and demonstrated can be used with any child, whether they have ASD, ADHD, an Intellectual Disability, a Specific Learning Disorder or are typically developing. It was developed by Psychologists Dr. Jacques Duff and Helen Salter and is presented by Helen Salter, an Autism expert.

Children with Autism need extra assistance to learn. This webinar will teach you how to successfully teach new skills to children who may not naturally acquire new skills from their immediate environment.  Extensive information is provided to maximize learning in children with Autism.  You are taught how to break skills down to meet the individual needs of the child you are teaching.  Ways to assist and motivate your child to learn initial skills are discussed in detail. Video footage is presented to further explain the content provided.

'All children with Autism can learn they just need help to do so'


  • Understanding Autism
  • Learning theory: how do we all typically learn
  • Understanding how children with Autism learn
  • Motivation and Engagement
  • Developmental learning areas: identifying what to teach
  • Task Analysis: breaking down skills to meet the needs of the child
  • How to teach to new skills: ways to assist
  • Fading assistance to allow the child to be independent
  • Mastering skills and tracking skill achievement

Presented by Helen Salter
Duration 2 hours 36 minutes

Price: $25.00

Managing Challenging Behaviours


Challenging behaviours in children can directly influence their quality of life, their capacity to learn and can cause enormous amounts of stress for their parents and family.  This webinar is designed to assist parents, teachers, health professionals and caregivers who work and live with children who display problem behaviours. Detailed instructions are provided to allow you, the participant, to identify and analyse problem behaviours, and understand why a child engages in an inappropriate behaviour. You will learn how to develop a behaviour modification plan to decrease challenging behaviours.  Proactive and reactive strategies are outlined to specifically target problem behaviours.  Video footage and case examples are utilized throughout to illustrate the skills presented.


  • Identifying challenging behaviours in the child
  • Collect information about the behaviour
  • Understand the function of the behaviour
  • Physiological and environmental factors that influence behaviour
  • Developing a behaviour plan
  • Implementing proactive and reactive strategies
  • Video footage and Case examples
Presented by Helen Salter
Duration 1 hour 45 minutes


Price: $25.00

Increasing vocalisations in pre-verbal children

Today, many children suffer from a language disorder, whether it is an inability to understand language or to produce functional speech.  This webinar is designed to assist parents, caregivers, teachers and health professionals how to promote language development in children.  You are given extensive information how to elicit vocalisations in children who are pre- verbal. Developmental stages of language are discussed to help you understand what skills pre-requisites are necessary to encourage functional sounds.  Ways to motivate your child to learn initial lanaguage skills are discussed in detail and video footage is presented to further explain the content provided. Examples of recording sheets are given to to help you track progress and skill acquisition.


  • Language disorders
  • Early Language Development
  • Where to begin to promote language
  • Prerequisite skills for language development
  • Motivation and Engagement
  • Prompting: helping the child
  • PECS and sign language
  • Generalisation of language skills
  • Tracking progress and skill acquisition

Presented by Helen Salter
Duration 1 hour 45 minutes

Price: $25.00



 Intensive ABA Course based on Pivotal Response Treatment to train parents and caregivers are available.

Pre-booking is essential.

Cost $590

DSS (previously FaHCSIA) will pay for parents to do the course.

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