Sonia Mitea

Sonia Mitea

BA (Psychology) Deakin University 
QEEG and Neurotherapy Technician

Sonia is a trained Quantitative Electroencephalographic (QEEG) technician and analyst, Neurotherapist and ABA/PRT therapist. Sonia assists in the training and presentation of neurotherapy workshops, which provide parents, teachers and other professionals with education and practical training in these therapies.

She also coordinates intensive behavioural interventions programs for children with ASD, developmental delay and other behavioural difficulties. Sonia also assists in clinic administration by relieving at reception.

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and intensive behavioural intervention
  • Childhood development and learning
  • Language and social communication
  • Behavioural management strategies, and
  • School readiness and suitability