Carla McKenna

Carla McKenna

BPsychSc.(Hons); MPsych(Ed&Dev)


Carla McKenna is a registered general psychologist. She completed her undergraduate and honours degrees in psychological science, and her master’s degree in educational and developmental psychology in 2017. She has worked with young children, adolescents, and families with emotional, social, and neurodevelopmental concerns since 2015. She specialises in assessment and treatment of children with ASD, mood disorders, anxiety, and cognitive and learning difficulties. She has experience in child and adult counselling for a range of mental health concerns. She develops and coordinates intensive behavioural interventions for children with ASD, global developmental delays, and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Carla McKenna has written her honours and master’s theses on attitudes towards people with physical disabilities and evolutionary processes, and the wellbeing of mothers of children with ASD. She has a special interest in development across the lifespan, parental wellbeing, and a holistic approach to child and adult mental health assessment and intervention.