Clinic operation on acount of Coronavirus

In an attempt to reduce contamination, we are taking the following steps:

  1. Only people who have no cold or flu symptoms will be allowed into the clinic
  2. As far as possible, all Psychological and Nutritional consultations at the clinic will be by ZOOM, SKYPE or telephone.
  3. When a face to face consultation is necessary, we have taken steps to drastically reduce the risk of contamination by doing the following.
  • Clients will be asked to wait in their car instead of the waiting room, and will be called in when their practitioner is ready. In this way the waiting room will be practically empty at all times.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided for compulsory use when arriving and leaving.
  • During the consultation, there will be a 2 meter separation between the client and other staff members.
  • QEEGs will proceed as normal, but with the technician wearing a mask and disposable gloves.
  • During other testing (IQ tests, WISC-V, etc) there will be a 2 meter distance between clients and practitioners.