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with Dr. Jacques Duff are welcomed via SKYPE or Telephone.
Please call the clinic on
+613 9848 9100
for an appointment.

Please note that international appointments need to be pre-paid at time of booking.


Two-Day Intensive ABA Course based on Pivotal Response Treatment to train parents and caregivers are run on the last weekend of each month.

Courses are run at a nearby venue, in small groups of about 8 people .
Pre-booking is essential.

Cost $590

DSS (previously FaHCSIA) will pay for parents and caregivers to do the course.

Rett Syndrome

Rett syndrome is a disorder occurring in girls who, prior to the onset of the disorder (usually between six and eighteen months) have appeared to develop normally.

Rett syndrome is characterised by a four-stage clinical course of development involving sequential progression. As the child progresses through the stages the characteristics change - with each stage having its own defined characteristics, along with an onset of new behaviours or symptoms and the reduction of others.

The disabling and handicapping effects of the syndrome are multifaceted with symptoms of the syndrome impacting on cognitive as well as physical development. Rett syndrome has been described as leaving children "profoundly mentally and physically disabled". Read more...



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Latent acidosis and health

Dr. Jacques Duff is presenting a two-hour webinar on the effect of acid-base balance on health on the 17th of October for health professionals.

New Autism and ADHD study

Three new papers were presented  at the Australian Psychological Society's Annual Conference in Perth on the 28th of October. Dr.